Thursday, May 6, 2010

Williamsburg and DC

Hotel room dessert

Staci's new hair cut!

Julie was freaked out but when we said "put your hands up she did it anyways. Audric did great and didn't cry out of fear once.

This ride took forever and it was only one lap around a small mote.

I think these were the kid's favorites because we would go back and forth between this one and the balloon ride.

At the Natural history museum.That is my hand. I am holding a large cockroach. No big deal I do it all the time at home, not.

Grandpa is so nice to help out with the tired kids. I bet he did it because he didn't run four miles that morning.

Julie never likes being on any one's shoulders but if Audric's going to do it she has to too.

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  1. Tell Staci her hair looks good. IS that a madagascar hissing cockroach?