Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bye bye, Silver Subaru

Since we are on our way to England we only get to bring one car. We could have stored the Subaru with someone but we decided to sell it. It was our first new car. We bought it planning to drive it into the ground. We put over 100,000. miles on it. Drove it across country and back. Drove it in the snow, rain, dirt, mud and bugs. We already miss it. I tried to find all the pics I had of it or in it. We have more but they are all 35mm prints. We bought this car before we had a digital camera. I'm glad it went to a young girl going to college. I hope she has as much fun in it as we did.


Since the movers came and picked up everything but our clothes we are hard pressed to find things to do. We went to the library one day and they had a lady bring in her snakes and share them with everyone. Audric got to hold a corn snake and bull snake. The next Friday the zoo brought in fifteen different animals to share with the kids. Last Friday the medieval society people brought their armor and stuff to share. Audric seems to like going better than Julianna but I also have them signed up in a reading program and every ten books they read or I read to them they get a prize. You should have seen their faces when they got a small plastic top the first time. The prizes get better as they read more. We finished fifty books already. Now that our stuff is gone, I have Tim drop us off at the library and I read to them until they get ten books.

Morning walks

We started going on walks in the morning. The first time the kids got maybe one hundred yards and were done. So the next time we looked for animals. Then we brought the camera and took picture of them. We are able to walk a lot farther now that they aren't thinking about walking.

Kids together

Once again they surprise me how they can get along with each other one moment and the next be killing each other.
Reading books after bed time
Computer time

drawing pictures together

(it's a haunted house with a rocket flying out of it)

Web monster

Silly Straws

While in Kentucy the kids got these cool straws that you get to build. We had fun with them one day.

Pool pics

Out patient surgery

Julianna had kidney reflux, that's where when ever she would go pee the urine would go back up into her kidneys. She would always get UTIs that would be very painful and she hated to take medicine. It's something that kids outgrow, in fact my sister had it. Julie was young and didn't understand and instead of peeing she would hold it in making it worst and making herself constipated. It wasn't until I saw a pediatric urologist here that I knew it could be fixed. It came at a good time too. She was starting to throw up her meds that she had to take everyday just not to get a UTI. The "deflux" surgery only took about half an hour to do but with all the prep we were there for about three hours. Julie didn't remember anything. She thought she fell asleep at her Dr appointment and woke up and got some popsicles. The scabs on her nose was from a fall she got falling on the side walk. Now she is doing great! She hasn't had a UTI since before the surgery. Now she is potty training herself. We are going to go full potty training mode after we get to England.

New helmet

Julianna got a new helmet and her and Audric got camelbacks. I hope the British people don't think she looks silly. Speaking of silly, Julie is a funny girl.

end of gym

Audric and Julie's Gym and Karate finished up. Julie made it to her last class but Audric was sick for his. We were going to keep them in it until we left but we were unsure when we would go. I hope they have something like this in England the kids loved it. Bye Albuquerque Little Gym!


Sorry these pictures are so out of order. It's hard organizing pictures on this site. Just know that we went to Louisville, Kentucky for Tim family reunion and his Grandpa's 90Th birthday. Everyone was able to make it and we had fun with all the Fam. We went to a children's museum, the Louisville slugger museum, church, the Squire Boone caverns and the hotel pool every night. Lots of funny things happened because that's what happens when Stearmans get together. We never got used to Eastern time zone because we stayed up until 12-2 am every night. It was a good time seeing everyone.