Thursday, June 23, 2011

Out patient surgery

Julianna had kidney reflux, that's where when ever she would go pee the urine would go back up into her kidneys. She would always get UTIs that would be very painful and she hated to take medicine. It's something that kids outgrow, in fact my sister had it. Julie was young and didn't understand and instead of peeing she would hold it in making it worst and making herself constipated. It wasn't until I saw a pediatric urologist here that I knew it could be fixed. It came at a good time too. She was starting to throw up her meds that she had to take everyday just not to get a UTI. The "deflux" surgery only took about half an hour to do but with all the prep we were there for about three hours. Julie didn't remember anything. She thought she fell asleep at her Dr appointment and woke up and got some popsicles. The scabs on her nose was from a fall she got falling on the side walk. Now she is doing great! She hasn't had a UTI since before the surgery. Now she is potty training herself. We are going to go full potty training mode after we get to England.

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