Friday, May 28, 2010


Future Tractor Drivers of America...need I say more.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

crap in his leg

New Cat and Dog


Julianna decided to give herself a dread lock this morning. Audric got this really cool bubble blower that has a fan on it as a gift from the birthday party we went to yesterday. The fan got caught in her hair and twisted it up into a hundred knots. It took hair conditioner a fine comb and about ten minute of working with it to get it out.

Birthday party

Here are a few pics I took of the kids at our friend's birthday party

Audric picked out his clothes for the day. When he first put them on his socks were pulled up to his knees.

You can see the spots a little form her scarlatina (from her high fevers from step throat). I'm so glad they are feeling better.

Julie and her best friend drawing at the party.


This was Julie's dinner the other night. Both kids had Strep throat so they have to take antibiotics twice a day. Julie is on a once-a-day small amount of another antibiotics for her Kidney reflux and on fiber gummies because of...I think you can figure that one out. I did forget to add her vitamin to the plate. Yum!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Minty fresh

My sweet Julianna decided while I was cleaning up after a long day out in the pool and sun out back that she and her friend needed to brush their teeth with my tooth brush and my tooth paste in the bedroom. I think the strong mint smell made her think it would be a good idea to use it as paint and paint herself and the floor with it. I'm sure her friend was in it with her the whole way, thinking this was great and that her hands needed extra tooth paste on them after the long day in the water. It was really hard not to laugh when I first saw them. I had to take a picture. After the bath I made they sit back to back on time out. I had to keep telling them not to smile that they were on time out while holding back a smile myself.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My blog

Okay, I have gotten a lot a comments on how slow I'm to post new blogs. Thanks to my sister I now know that I can up load five pictures at a time. I will now try to not fall behind. Thank you Becka

New Do

Julie was do for a "new do". I finally found a day where she wanted to do it. I think it looks cute. I do miss the long hair but I have saved it and I'm going to send it to my brother. Let see what he makes it into.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Audric loves soccer. Loves to play it, dress like it, watch it, talk about it, read books about it but when it comes to playing it with a team forget it! We have tried everything. Good guy, bad guy, bribing him.I did get him to play a little last Saturday during a game but only for such a small amount of time before he would run screaming to me. He said he was shy to his coach but that day he was out and Audric's friend's dad stepped in. All his friends are in it too, we don't understand. I figure by the end of the season he might get used to it and maybe next year he will play. That's how swimming worked last year.

Joanna's and Sara's Baby Shower

This was the first Baby shower I hosted myself. We all had a great time; no dead air, lots of talking, lots of food, games and everything in a timely manner (Sara hoped for in her baby shower). There was a lot more pictures but on request I will not post them. I will say we had three great volunteer models as babies with toilet paper clothes on. If you didn't notice, Julie even coordinates with the decor (not including the frosting mustache). It was a great time. Near the end when all of us noticed the time and everyone said "I can't believe it's already 1:30" when they got there at 10:30, it made me glad to know that I wasn't the only one having such a great time that I didn't notice the time fly by.

Strawberry feilds forever

I'm surprised we didn't get more pictures of my sister and her family while they were out here. I guess we just let them take the pictures. The kids had a great time picking strawberries. I can't believe they didn't eat a bunch while doing it. I think they maybe had one or two each. Audric ate so many at home we thought he was going to have red poop, but no luck.

Got to love them

I love that he lets me take pictures of him again, even if half of them are silly.

Grammy sent the kids a little package. Julie got dress-up jewery and summer PJs and match PJs for her dolls.

Williamsburg and DC

Hotel room dessert

Staci's new hair cut!

Julie was freaked out but when we said "put your hands up she did it anyways. Audric did great and didn't cry out of fear once.

This ride took forever and it was only one lap around a small mote.

I think these were the kid's favorites because we would go back and forth between this one and the balloon ride.

At the Natural history museum.That is my hand. I am holding a large cockroach. No big deal I do it all the time at home, not.

Grandpa is so nice to help out with the tired kids. I bet he did it because he didn't run four miles that morning.

Julie never likes being on any one's shoulders but if Audric's going to do it she has to too.

Neighborhood zoo trip

We love the zoo (just not the part that includes riding on bees)!