Thursday, May 6, 2010

Silly Kids

Audric loves playing in the sand. To bad it ends up on the patio and not just in the box.

Julianna is very flexible like me and was showing off her skills. Audric took this picture.
One of those funny nights that the kids fight going to sleep because they're having too much fun.

Audric has to sleep with these five animals every night. Buttons, Pluto, bear, catcher and jingles. I love the names he gives them.

This is another Audric picture. Fiz the fish. Poor girl, I've needed to change her water for awhile now. I like her, she is very active, likes to play games, and hide in the fake plant. She blends in with the plant so well that I always have to check to see if she's alive because I can't find her.

My kids really know how to "down" the tea.

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