Sunday, March 28, 2010

My little patriots

They stopped play and put their hands over their hearts with out me saying anything. In fact I wasn't outside with them when they did it.

Botanical gardens

Wally the cat

Wally was sick awhile ago but has gotten much better. He's still under weight which is strange because he's always been a 15 pound cat. He had a UTI but it take a lot of tests and money to figure it out. We're glad he's okay. He's already playing like a kitten. He enjoys the lovin' much more now and will take it even from the kids. We love Wally!

45... 55 more to go

Audric wants 100 air planes. The number 100 is so big and great that he will not have enough until he gets 100 air planes. It's good because we make him count them all everytime he gets a new one. Plus having 100 means when we count by fives and tens we can go that much higher.

February 2010

We got lucky and got some snow. This was the second time it snowed, the first time it turned into ice fast so we couldn't make a snow man. This guy made it up until Valentine's day when he had flowers, strawberry eyes and a heart balloon.
Audric had his birthday. Now when he meets someone he has to hold up his fingers and tell them he is four. When he does that to a group of four year old they all quickly put up their fingers too and the repeat over and over again that they are all four too. Audric loves to tell jokes. Most of them don't make any since, but that doesn't stop him and Julie from laughing.

Grandma Stearman came to visit for a little more than a week. We had lots of fun. The kids got to spend extra time with her while we went on a long date, dinner and a movie. We were all sad when she had to go home.

This was a fun game. You are blinded by this mask and you have to guess what shapes you are holding. Audric did really well. Tim and I did pretty good, I was much better at it than him.

The zoo is always a fun place to go. This is the first time we stopped to take pictures with the elephant statues.

My little artist.

If you can't tell this is an ocean with Nemo (she added later) and a shark in the upper left hand corner. I wish I would have given her better paper because I would love to frame it. I bought some watercolor paper for the kids (at the thrift shop)to use but I haven't gotten another picture like this one yet.

sleepy heads

My kids tend to fall sleep in strange places. Ever since they were born I have taken pictures of some of those times. Here are some recent ones. Although they are in their beds they look cute and funny. Here are some more older pictures of them asleep.


The kids have been on this weird kick about fish. Tim and I don't really enjoy eating fish and the smell makes us sick. The kids however, love them right now. We were in an Asian market and Audric wanted to buy this bag of dried anchovies. We didn't really want to but he said he would pay for it with his own money so we gave in. We would never have guessed that he would actually eat one let alone bite it's head off and swallow it. Julie thought they were great too and did the same as her brother. Okay the novelty was over, right? no. Next he wanted us to put them in a bowl of water so he could "catch" them and eat them. Audric's favorite part is the head and eye balls. Yuck!

Domestic Me

There are lots of things I can do but I think staying at home,spending time with the family and cooking dinners are some of my favorite things to do. (Tim likes when I do this stuff too:) This one Julie took.
Being a mom means being okay with being a jungle gym.

Tim likes to take these pictures of me in the kitchen and of my food. I guess I am in there a lot of the days.

Apple cranberry pie

Loading the dish washer

I am so posing for this one

I can't remember what the dinner conversation was that night. It must not have been good.

I canned 24 jars of apple butter for a bake sale. Thank you Dawn for the recipe. I'm looking forward to making jelly for Tim soon.

From November

I know I've been bad at blogging. So I'm adding some old picture from Nov. 2009 that I have missed.
One of Audric's friends birthday party. They had fun whacking the pinata.

They love making and playing in forts

Here's the boys fishing. They haven't caught anything yet but they enjoy having their guy time alone.

Us showing our Deuce pride. I when on a spouse flight on the C-130 that night. I was lucky and got ride up at the front when we took off.
Here's Julie wearing Tim's cap while they waited for me while I was in flight.

Brownies taste good before and after they are cooked.