Monday, January 9, 2012

I can't believe how mad I am at Julie...

What a nice night. I barely had to make dinner because a sweet friend brought over meatballs with sauce. My chores were already done and overall things were just peaceful. My mood however, did a 180 when I found a nicely cut, chunck of  Julie's hair hiding in a drawer. The pain was fast and sharp. I knew she had lied to me when I noticed the hair missing from her head. But the proof in front of me and the fact that she was so convincing that she didn't do it was too much.  This is the first time a lie from my kids hurt so bad. I could see it on her face right away that she knew she had been caught. She's smart, I have to give her that. As I stared at her in disbelief she got down from her chair in slow motion, headed to make a run for it.

 "Julie" I said.
 "Are you going to cut my hair" she stopped and shouted.

My mind went over the many conversations we have had about not using scissors on hair and what would happen if she cut her own hair.

"Please don't cut my hair like a boy. I won't go outside if you do".

How could I not follow through with what I said would happen to her if she cut her hair. I looked for a loop-hole and found one.

"I will talk to your dad tonight and let you know what we decide. Right now you need to try and make me happy by eating your food".

Loop hole: we said we would cut her hair like Audric's after we had already found some hair missing. Now that I have her in a lie I will use it to get her to let me brush, braid and fix her hair more often.

Am I still mad at her? Yes. Does it hurt so bad? No, not since I've read an email that says Netflix is avalible in the UK now and I get a month free!