Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pee spot

Pee spot #1
We have a couple more places to add to Audric's unusual places that he has relieved himself.
Imagine... the Animal kingdom has just opened and everyone is going toward the safari ride. You think asking him five times if he has to go pee before a ride he really just didn't have to go. Not until we are the next to get on the ride does Audric yell out that he has to go NOW. There's no where to go at this point. the line if we left now would be hours long. We get on the ride and he continues to cry and yell. Luckily we were the only ones in the back (that could hold about six people). Because Audric, dropped his pants and let it all out on the floor of the jeep. The ride was so bumpy that there wasn't a spot on the whole floor that was untouched.
Pee Spot #2
Imagine... the Magic Kingdom is now closed and everyone is leaving the park. We are on this large ramp going up to the mono-rail. Not a bit of room around us is empty. Audric wakes up... To find that he has to pee NOW. By that time we are at the holding gate waiting for the doors to open and get in. The Mono-rail is fast but this time the doors don't open and we are stuck waiting for it. There's no bathroom, I asked. We are now at the top and if Audric pees off the ramp then everyone would see. So I check the bag and find the portable potty we used when Audric was potty training. I wonder how many people saw Audric drop his drawers and sit in the stroller going pee.
So far nothing beats the cup pee spot!