Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pee spot

Pee spot #1
We have a couple more places to add to Audric's unusual places that he has relieved himself.
Imagine... the Animal kingdom has just opened and everyone is going toward the safari ride. You think asking him five times if he has to go pee before a ride he really just didn't have to go. Not until we are the next to get on the ride does Audric yell out that he has to go NOW. There's no where to go at this point. the line if we left now would be hours long. We get on the ride and he continues to cry and yell. Luckily we were the only ones in the back (that could hold about six people). Because Audric, dropped his pants and let it all out on the floor of the jeep. The ride was so bumpy that there wasn't a spot on the whole floor that was untouched.
Pee Spot #2
Imagine... the Magic Kingdom is now closed and everyone is leaving the park. We are on this large ramp going up to the mono-rail. Not a bit of room around us is empty. Audric wakes up... To find that he has to pee NOW. By that time we are at the holding gate waiting for the doors to open and get in. The Mono-rail is fast but this time the doors don't open and we are stuck waiting for it. There's no bathroom, I asked. We are now at the top and if Audric pees off the ramp then everyone would see. So I check the bag and find the portable potty we used when Audric was potty training. I wonder how many people saw Audric drop his drawers and sit in the stroller going pee.
So far nothing beats the cup pee spot!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Tim's work had a Halloween party and Audric got to throw a pie in Tim's face. Julie would have no part in throwing pie at her daddy. We all helped decorate Tim's office. It turned out really good but not as good as others.

We have discovered that Julianna likes sticker and that we shouldn't leave them lying around.

When we had lunch with Tim, at his work, Julie found this big ice cream cone bank and couldn't keep her mouth off of it. I guess she thought if she kept licking she would break through the outer shell?

Tim and Sarah at Gross farms at a work picnic on the hay ride.

Audric and Julianna on a pumpkin hay bail at Gross farms

Hansel and Gretel
Hansel, Gretel, the woodsman (father) and the witch.

Audric wanted to write a letter to his friends in Japan about Halloween and he explained it so well I'm just going to type it up for everyone to read. Here it goes...
I got a B-2 Bomber with all my candy I gave to my mom (so they don't eat all the candy we make a trade). I was Hansel and Julianna was Gretel. We went trick-or-treating, that was my favorite part! I passed out candy. I saw a scary man that had a scary bone costume, I didn't get scared but Julie was scared by the scary bone head costume. We put spider webs on our house and two big, big spiders, pumpkins, a scare-crow, fog, flashing lights, Fake bloody sheets, and a glowing light (black light). When I went trick-or-treating I had my pumpkin bucket and I would say Trick-or-treat and then I would say "Danke Shane" (thank you in German). Hope you had a good Halloween.
Too cute I thought. It's funny typing it out because writing it by hand took for ever and took up a whole page. I love computers.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random October pictures

One of Julie's cute moments.

I love that I can tell them to go brush there teeth and it's the only time they work together and don't fight.

What a waste of a good apple (the fruit).

I'm teaching myself how to make balloon animals, FUN Fun Fun!

Monday, October 5, 2009


We had so much fun on our free vacation to Williamsburg, VA. We got to ride a fairy(the kids and my first time), Visit Colonial Williamsburg, and go to Busch Gardens. The kids learned some hard lessons this trip. Audric learned that you don't always get what you want when he cried at a nice restaurant that he wanted katsup with his pizza and they didn't have any. Hope to wait his turn in line and that not everyone is nice. A girl in front of us heard him say he wanted to sit on the orange side of the ride in row 6 so she told her parents that's where she wanted to sit. She was mean to him the whole time in line. He was so upset but we worked it out and got to ride in row 6 the next turn. Audric learned you don't run off without a parent or you might get lost. I couldn't find him for about what seemed like forever, and found him on a rope net a hundred feet above me. He got to sit out from some rides while Julie did them alone. Audric wasn't scared of any of the rides which surprised Tim and I. He loved the high swings. Julie was good and would try each ride at least once, she liked bumper car but not the high rides. The kids worked together most of the time which was nice. And some how we got out of there with only two $1.50 Elmo Straws and that's it. Lunch and Dinner did cost about $30 each but it was really good food.


This is a picture of Audric last year October. I thought it went well with the title which has nothing to do with what I'm going to write about. Tim and I started a new Stearman Family rule. If you fart you say "Howdy"! That way everyone knows what's coming. I guess they do it in the plane when they fly. It has become the funniest thing. Out of no where Audric will yell Howdy or if we fart and forget Julie will say Howdy for us. It keeps us laughing.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Julianna turns Two!

Julie had a fun birthday. We had a big birthday breakfast. She got to open three packages from the mail. My Mom made fun dress ups for her and my sister sent food and utensils for her play kitchen. Then she opened presents from us. Audric got her some pretty jewelry, we got her a "Bindi the jungle girl" doll, a bubble mower, some stuff for her play kitchen, and a book. We blew up two dozen balloons to have floating around the house. We had friends come over for dinner (so they could help us eat the cake)and had cake. Julie did act her age that day as you will see in the video. Julie got a card in the mail from Tim's parents the next day and she got to go shopping and picked out a doll that crys and sucks a bottle and reacts to you holding it. She got some other stuff too, she even shared a little of her gift card and let Audric get a $3 plane.

No more mac'n cheese or hot dogs

I didn't realized just how much I missed Tim being home until I could cook a large dinner and
have everyone finsh their plates without one complaint. And I didn't cook hot dog for dinner either, it was gnocchi with a tomato and sweet pepper sauce.

Gifts from Daddy

Tim brought home some stuff for me and the kids. Audric and Julie got some Irish jerseys and some kinder eggs (chocolate covered plastic egg with a toy inside. I got four bottles of wine and a men's scarf (he was in a hurry at the airport). And he brought home two live lobsters from Maine for dinner.

Daddy's Home!!

Sometimes I feel like I can do it all; Silly me. I had a squadron party planning meeting at my house an hour before I was to pick up Tim from the runway on base. The guys were planning on doing a double plane fly-by-tilt before they landed and oh Tim was excited for the kid to see it. Of course I realized ten minutes before I had to leave that "I had to leave". I was pushing people out of my house trying to get the kids shoes on. Then Audric and Julie started freaking out so I grabbed both kids under my arms with their shoes in hand and threw them in the car. Once I had time to explain that we had to go get Daddy they were fine. I was still in panic mode because the bus was about to leave and I knew how strict they are about people and the flight line. We ran from the parking lot to the squadron, looking very panicked I'm sure, looking for someone who knew where the bus was. I found out quick it left without us. I excepted my defeat and decided to watch the plane come in through the fence. On our way to the fence I saw a group of guys in flight suits headed towards where the planes would be coming in. All my worrying was a waste because I just walk right on to the flight line to the bus where everyone was waiting; we were early.

The planes didn't get to do their double plane fly-by-tilt because one of the plane's engines wasn't working (good thing it had three other ones). Tim wasn't the first one to get off the plane but he was by far the first one to come walking to meet his family. The kids and I were so excited to see him. Julie wouldn't let him go and Audric couldn't stop talking.


Here is Audric

just being his crazy self.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New hair!

I was inspired by the Germans to dye my hair red. I had too much fun and got my tips frosted. I love it. It's funky and fun! I hope Tim likes it.

We skype with Tim all the time

Julie took this picture of Tim on Skype. We can't wait for him to get home on Friday!

Audric is getting BIG

Here is a picture of the egg that Audric cracked without breaking the yolk all by himself. We made rice cakes for dinner that night.

This is his second time on the ice and he was skating by himself most of the time.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Going to Europe was something I never thought I would do. When Tim Deployed to Germany I knew this would be my only chance since the C-130 base when to J-models (no Navs on Js). My Mom was going to come out and watch the kids for two weeks but offered me a better deal of flying out to California and dropping the kids off. This way everyone would get to visit with the kids and my Mom would have more help.

I know this has taken me a long time to get this out so I'm just going to give the quick run down of my trip.

Paris- three days- we loved the sights not a big fan of the city- we liked the hotel room- we got museamed out after all of them- Versailles was amazing-food was good- I could read the menus very well- we did all the major sites.

Bath house- was my favorite- I loved being naked-it had 6 different saunas, 3 steam rooms, different temp water and showers, an indoor-outdoor pool, rooms to sleep in, outdoor sun bathing area-German women have big breasts

Brussels- was fun- we mostly walked around to parks- we did have Belgium beer, waffles and chocolate (it was on the waffles that counts right?)

Amsterdam- I was afraid to go, I didn't know what to expect but I had the best time-The city was clean and friendly and smelled like pot!- the Red light district was quite a sight.

Germany- I wish I would have went to more places- We went to a couple castles- ate German food it was very hard reading the menus- it was very pretty-I want to live there.

I know this was the shortest blog about two weeks in Europe but I wanted to get it out so I could get other stuff out. Tim has posted all our pictures on facebook so check them out. Let me know if you really want to know more!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yard of the Month

New official "yard of the month" sign. Too bad I didn't have it three months ago.

In the beginning of June when they were judging the yards for the first winners of yard of the month, I had thought I won because I had gotten a letter saying " your hard work on your yard is much appreciated" or something like that and no one else had gotten a letter. But as the month went by and I didn't get any word about winning I figured it went to someone else. I was pretty bummed because I knew June, with my hydrangeas in full bloom, was my only shot at winning. So I was very surprised to come home after my DC trip and find a yard of the month sign in my yard. That's right I won the "Pope yard of the month" that's put on by the Military housing. And don't you love my sign. My dear friend made it for me because I was out of town when it was announced and I still haven't gotten the real sign. I won it for the month of June when my hydrangeas had just bloomed, my pansies were big and beautiful and my crate myrtle was full of blossoms.

Now the hydrangeas have since browned from heat, my pansies have mostly died and the crate myrtle blossoms have been blown away by storms past. The money I won ( and yet to have received) I've spend on two flats of purple, yellow and pink petunias and a climbing vine. I had to spruce up my yard since it was announced in the neighborhood news letter. I can't have people driving by saying "how the hell did this piece of trash yard win?" I posted pictures of when we first moved here to now. After three years of trying to grow grass we finally have some. Speaking of grass, I don't know how I won with my patchy grass.