Monday, September 28, 2009

Julianna turns Two!

Julie had a fun birthday. We had a big birthday breakfast. She got to open three packages from the mail. My Mom made fun dress ups for her and my sister sent food and utensils for her play kitchen. Then she opened presents from us. Audric got her some pretty jewelry, we got her a "Bindi the jungle girl" doll, a bubble mower, some stuff for her play kitchen, and a book. We blew up two dozen balloons to have floating around the house. We had friends come over for dinner (so they could help us eat the cake)and had cake. Julie did act her age that day as you will see in the video. Julie got a card in the mail from Tim's parents the next day and she got to go shopping and picked out a doll that crys and sucks a bottle and reacts to you holding it. She got some other stuff too, she even shared a little of her gift card and let Audric get a $3 plane.

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  1. That video is too funny! I tell you she misses me and doesn't know how to express it in words so she just throws a fit!

    She does look awfully cute though. Audric looks adorable ridding the horse in the picture above. I love how he says she looks like she is one. Almost like Dad look at her she is throwing herself around.