Monday, September 28, 2009

Daddy's Home!!

Sometimes I feel like I can do it all; Silly me. I had a squadron party planning meeting at my house an hour before I was to pick up Tim from the runway on base. The guys were planning on doing a double plane fly-by-tilt before they landed and oh Tim was excited for the kid to see it. Of course I realized ten minutes before I had to leave that "I had to leave". I was pushing people out of my house trying to get the kids shoes on. Then Audric and Julie started freaking out so I grabbed both kids under my arms with their shoes in hand and threw them in the car. Once I had time to explain that we had to go get Daddy they were fine. I was still in panic mode because the bus was about to leave and I knew how strict they are about people and the flight line. We ran from the parking lot to the squadron, looking very panicked I'm sure, looking for someone who knew where the bus was. I found out quick it left without us. I excepted my defeat and decided to watch the plane come in through the fence. On our way to the fence I saw a group of guys in flight suits headed towards where the planes would be coming in. All my worrying was a waste because I just walk right on to the flight line to the bus where everyone was waiting; we were early.

The planes didn't get to do their double plane fly-by-tilt because one of the plane's engines wasn't working (good thing it had three other ones). Tim wasn't the first one to get off the plane but he was by far the first one to come walking to meet his family. The kids and I were so excited to see him. Julie wouldn't let him go and Audric couldn't stop talking.

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  1. Yeah for Tim the family man, he really does love you and the kids!! he he he