Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Silly Kids

This is what happens when you try to watch your poo as you are pooing.

Julie still loves her snowball bear

Audric may not look silly but this is what he wears, or something like it, every time we go to our local village Indian pub. Sometimes he has his gun on him with a hat. His boy never dresses up. Yet he seems to think this is what he needs to wear when we go out to eat.

Silly kids found daddy's clothes

Hair loss



Audric's Birthday party

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
Star Wars
The Sleep-over saga

 The story begins with the alliance of good and evil after the force brought them together on the same tray...

Then even the stars joined together under the prefect balance to create a more powerful universe...

Six Jedi knights were chosen to protect this balance. Each given a light saber they promised to use to defend the Universe...

They used their Jedi powers to feed the hungry...

They even created homes for other life forms...

At night the six Jedi knights would sleep in their pods waiting for the next day to begin where they could protect some more.

Audric had a great time at his party. Here's a picture of him playing with his remote control car he got.

Birthday Boy!

Happy 30th Tim!

For Tim's Birthday he got a new/old bar and bar stools. We moved the pub doors since this picture was taken. Sadly Tim left for Germany soon after this picture and didn't get to really enjoy it too much. The kids love to play shop from behind it because of all the shelves. There's a cabinet that locks in the back so we don't have to worry about them sneaking any of the liquor when they're older.

Julianna's New Year's STYLE

Julie has her own style there's no doubt about it. She doesn't just dress up for fun, it a way of life for her. I'm glad she likes me taking her pictures so that I can share them with everyone.