Sunday, September 5, 2010

Two "Pees" in a pod

We were both sitting in the front room when we heard a strange noise tonight. Even with my mommy hearing and eyes in the back of my head I was unable to figure out where it came from and what it was. I went to look since Tim had ice on his knee. I looked in the kids room. Julie's in bed, Audric? I hear something again and call his name. I go for my room but find him in the back guest room, in the dark, behind the door peeing in the corner. He had his shorts and underwear down and everything. I knew he must be sleep walking again (he hasn't done it for over a year). I throw a towel on the floor and guide him to the bathroom so he can finish. Only to have Julianna come out of the room wet, soaked with pee. I had just changed her sheet too that night. Sometimes I can be Super Mom and do it myself but they were on the edge of breaking down and crying so I called Tim for back up. Surprisingly we cleaned them up and all the rest of the messes without a whine, cry or shout from anyone.

I know, this is an odd thing to blog about but how many times has something like this happened to you?

Real Quick- What a week

What a week.
Tim had his mountain biking accident on Sunday. Which landed him two days in the hospital with surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

Thursday I got rear-ended in an intersection because a guy tried to make a left turn onto a road he couldn't so I was stopped behind him honking my horn while another guy, that wasn't paying attention, ran into me at 40 mph +, Luckily the kids were not in the car and no one was badly hurt. The cars, not so luck.

And today (Sunday) Julie out of nowhere got this huge rash all over her body. We think it's hives. Her poor ears where so swollen that she looked like Dopey from Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Meds took away most of the bumps and swelling but I was worried we might have to make another trip to the ER.

Lets see what this next week will give us.

August- Can you see the big picture?

I'm so lucky I have a wonderful, good looking husband that loves me and our kids...

How picture perfect, one boy and one girl. Who could ask for anything more?..

A smart, handsome son that still loves to cuddle and hug...

And a daughter, blond, blue eyed pretty thing that melts your heart when you look at her...

Too bad life isn't like a snap shot and you could crop out all the other stuff in the picture. Like...

A husband who had to have emergency surgery on his knee from a mountain biking accident right before our ten day vacation.

Or dog sitting one of Tim's Co-workers dogs for more than a week. They were pretty good most of the time, just the added work of walking, feeding, bathing and the smell. (I have just come to realize that maybe I'm not such a dog person after all and that it might be a long time before we get one for ourselves)...

How about the constant silliness and "look at me"that keeps you from getting things done so you can have time to do the things you want to do...

And the ink that shows up on her belly (and nipples) about once every two months that needs to be scrubbed off.
Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining. I wouldn't trade them for anything, or even change the things that have happened. I think we grow as people when faced with diversity. I just would like to crop somethings out and hand them off to someone else to clean up after and take care of sometimes. Plus, I thought it would be fun for people to see the cropped views and compare them to the "big pictures".