Monday, March 19, 2012

Christmas day

Night before Christween?!?

Why does Julie decide to wear Halloween clothes all the time? This was taken the night before Christmas. Silly girl.

Cut-out cookies

I think I had more fun than the kids making holiday cookies for all our friends. It took all day walking around the village delivering them but we really enjoyed it.

In the spirit of things

I tried any different poses for our Xmas cards but they all didn't really work just right. Julie was an angel and Audric was a king for their school plays. Julie decided I needed my picture taken too. We ended up with a nice family picture of us in front of an English phone booth.

Christmas tree

Making her list

Setting up the tree

Decorations are out and up

 Can't forget the train

Already with presents under the tree

Thanks Giving 2011

Thanks giving was something different this year. After moving and unpacking we were not in the mood to cook a large dinner. I was looking forward to skipping Thanksgiving all together. Audric had school so I looked at it as time Tim and I could spend together. Of course it didn't work out and he had to play American football with his work so we all decided to go and watch. I had so much fun talking with friends and seeing the kids having a good time we changed our plans to go to his work's Thanksgiving held at a real home and not a squadron. It really felt like family being with friends, meeting new ones and having the kids running around. The food was wonderful; we had a great time.

We did have plans to do a potluck dinner with friends that weekend so the stress of making dinner was reduced to one dish. Tim got his hand stepped on by a 200lbs cleated foot during football. And I can't make a Thanksgiving dinner if Tim isn't around to wash the dishes.