Monday, March 19, 2012

Thanks Giving 2011

Thanks giving was something different this year. After moving and unpacking we were not in the mood to cook a large dinner. I was looking forward to skipping Thanksgiving all together. Audric had school so I looked at it as time Tim and I could spend together. Of course it didn't work out and he had to play American football with his work so we all decided to go and watch. I had so much fun talking with friends and seeing the kids having a good time we changed our plans to go to his work's Thanksgiving held at a real home and not a squadron. It really felt like family being with friends, meeting new ones and having the kids running around. The food was wonderful; we had a great time.

We did have plans to do a potluck dinner with friends that weekend so the stress of making dinner was reduced to one dish. Tim got his hand stepped on by a 200lbs cleated foot during football. And I can't make a Thanksgiving dinner if Tim isn't around to wash the dishes.

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