Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun Weekend

We have been quite lazy on weekends and usually stay at home or walk to the park. This weekend we went to the Rio Grande Zoo, Aquarium and Bio Park on Saturday and Explora science Center for a birthday party on Sunday. We drove past so many other museums I think we will have to do one every weekend now.

At the zoo there were so many people that commented on the kids I felt like we should have been on display. I admit they were very cute that day. Julie wanted to wear her princess dress and Audric with his blue eyes always gets comments.
At one point Julianna and Audric were playing in these caves and I went to chase them not knowing they were holding hands (when do they ever do that?). That ended with Julie falling and Audric dragging poor Julie down a slope. She was pretty upset and I felt really bad. One band-aid and a nap later she was happy again.

I have a hard time at the zoos. I can get over people calling the animals by the wrong name(Apes/monkeys), but I hate the noises people call at the animals, the tapping on glass, and just not following zoo rules. While watching the Gorillas, which were in a playful mood, I saw a rock flying towards ones sitting on the edge. I was so disgusted, I yelled out "Hey don't do that" and saw a little girl with her dad sitting her on the railing (against the rules too) holding more rocks ready to throw more. To make sure it didn't happen again I ask the dad "Can you have her stop doing that"? He said NO! I wanted to start throwing rocks at the guy but instead I just said "it's against the rules" like it should have to be posted. After he nicely said okay he left and went to the next gorilla viewing area, I'm sure to let his daughter throw more. Why are there those people that have no respect for animals. Do they think they are so Superior?

I remember a zoo trip we took in NC with a group of friends when Audric was two. One of the moms threw a rock at the lions to get them to move. Even after flipping out on her she did it more, I was so upset. That was the same zoo trip where Audric was arguing with a three and a half year old that gorillas are not monkeys, he got so upset he started choking her. Here are a few pics from that trip. Aren't the kids so small?
Back to this weekend... We ended up going to the Elephant bar for dinner. Food was great and kids were good even after a 45 min wait.


Tim had a day off so we walked around old town. We bought scorpion pops for the kids. Julie liked hers but Audric wouldn't even try it. Tim decided he would eat it and got the scorpion out and ate that too. He said it was crunchy and good at first but then nasty.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Large breakfast

This is what breakfast looks like when no one turns the dish washer on before we go to bed. The kids don't seem to mind.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My 6 month goal

Weight is subjective, Fat is in the eye of the beholder and clothing sizes lie. My goal is to be healthy and feel good about myself. In terms of weight I can gain 15 more pounds and still not be over-weight, that's on top of the 15lbs I've gained in the last year. My body has changed so much since having kids but the biggest problem is not taking care of myself. That is my other goal; to take care of myself. How can I enjoy the fruits of my labor if I'm sick or tired or dead. Be healthy!