Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random October pictures

One of Julie's cute moments.

I love that I can tell them to go brush there teeth and it's the only time they work together and don't fight.

What a waste of a good apple (the fruit).

I'm teaching myself how to make balloon animals, FUN Fun Fun!

Monday, October 5, 2009


We had so much fun on our free vacation to Williamsburg, VA. We got to ride a fairy(the kids and my first time), Visit Colonial Williamsburg, and go to Busch Gardens. The kids learned some hard lessons this trip. Audric learned that you don't always get what you want when he cried at a nice restaurant that he wanted katsup with his pizza and they didn't have any. Hope to wait his turn in line and that not everyone is nice. A girl in front of us heard him say he wanted to sit on the orange side of the ride in row 6 so she told her parents that's where she wanted to sit. She was mean to him the whole time in line. He was so upset but we worked it out and got to ride in row 6 the next turn. Audric learned you don't run off without a parent or you might get lost. I couldn't find him for about what seemed like forever, and found him on a rope net a hundred feet above me. He got to sit out from some rides while Julie did them alone. Audric wasn't scared of any of the rides which surprised Tim and I. He loved the high swings. Julie was good and would try each ride at least once, she liked bumper car but not the high rides. The kids worked together most of the time which was nice. And some how we got out of there with only two $1.50 Elmo Straws and that's it. Lunch and Dinner did cost about $30 each but it was really good food.


This is a picture of Audric last year October. I thought it went well with the title which has nothing to do with what I'm going to write about. Tim and I started a new Stearman Family rule. If you fart you say "Howdy"! That way everyone knows what's coming. I guess they do it in the plane when they fly. It has become the funniest thing. Out of no where Audric will yell Howdy or if we fart and forget Julie will say Howdy for us. It keeps us laughing.