Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall Pictures

Air Force Ball

This was our first Air Force Ball. I helped the day before doing the flower center pieces. There was over 1300 people there. It was the biggest one Pope has ever had, It was their last one. I love getting dressed up. The food was really good and there was wine on every table. Tim wasn't much of a dance partner because he still had a knee brace and crutches.

First Day of school

Audric started Kindergarten and Julianna started preschool this year. They are both starting a year early but the teacher says they are ready. I'm unsure if I will keep them ahead forever. I think they can keep up with the school work but I would like them to be ahead of the game and not trying to keep up during their school.

Birthday Parties

The month of Sept was full of birthdays and parties. Julie had a party, Hat in the cat theme. It was the most low maintenance party I've ever thrown. I didn't cook, any games that I planned were done at the children's leisure it was great. They made necklaces with yarn and fruitloops and frosted and decorated their own cupcakes. I'm glad we got to have one last party before we move.