Sunday, November 1, 2009


Tim's work had a Halloween party and Audric got to throw a pie in Tim's face. Julie would have no part in throwing pie at her daddy. We all helped decorate Tim's office. It turned out really good but not as good as others.

We have discovered that Julianna likes sticker and that we shouldn't leave them lying around.

When we had lunch with Tim, at his work, Julie found this big ice cream cone bank and couldn't keep her mouth off of it. I guess she thought if she kept licking she would break through the outer shell?

Tim and Sarah at Gross farms at a work picnic on the hay ride.

Audric and Julianna on a pumpkin hay bail at Gross farms

Hansel and Gretel
Hansel, Gretel, the woodsman (father) and the witch.

Audric wanted to write a letter to his friends in Japan about Halloween and he explained it so well I'm just going to type it up for everyone to read. Here it goes...
I got a B-2 Bomber with all my candy I gave to my mom (so they don't eat all the candy we make a trade). I was Hansel and Julianna was Gretel. We went trick-or-treating, that was my favorite part! I passed out candy. I saw a scary man that had a scary bone costume, I didn't get scared but Julie was scared by the scary bone head costume. We put spider webs on our house and two big, big spiders, pumpkins, a scare-crow, fog, flashing lights, Fake bloody sheets, and a glowing light (black light). When I went trick-or-treating I had my pumpkin bucket and I would say Trick-or-treat and then I would say "Danke Shane" (thank you in German). Hope you had a good Halloween.
Too cute I thought. It's funny typing it out because writing it by hand took for ever and took up a whole page. I love computers.

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