Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yard of the Month

New official "yard of the month" sign. Too bad I didn't have it three months ago.

In the beginning of June when they were judging the yards for the first winners of yard of the month, I had thought I won because I had gotten a letter saying " your hard work on your yard is much appreciated" or something like that and no one else had gotten a letter. But as the month went by and I didn't get any word about winning I figured it went to someone else. I was pretty bummed because I knew June, with my hydrangeas in full bloom, was my only shot at winning. So I was very surprised to come home after my DC trip and find a yard of the month sign in my yard. That's right I won the "Pope yard of the month" that's put on by the Military housing. And don't you love my sign. My dear friend made it for me because I was out of town when it was announced and I still haven't gotten the real sign. I won it for the month of June when my hydrangeas had just bloomed, my pansies were big and beautiful and my crate myrtle was full of blossoms.

Now the hydrangeas have since browned from heat, my pansies have mostly died and the crate myrtle blossoms have been blown away by storms past. The money I won ( and yet to have received) I've spend on two flats of purple, yellow and pink petunias and a climbing vine. I had to spruce up my yard since it was announced in the neighborhood news letter. I can't have people driving by saying "how the hell did this piece of trash yard win?" I posted pictures of when we first moved here to now. After three years of trying to grow grass we finally have some. Speaking of grass, I don't know how I won with my patchy grass.


  1. Just noticed that at the top of your second paragraph it says your panties died. Hee hee...

    And congratulations!

  2. Congrats! You earned it and I too noticed that your "panties" are dry now...ha ha too funny!

  3. I love the new sign. So much better than that one that you had out in your yard. By the way....what crazy person made you that.