Monday, July 6, 2009

How much Pee can a pretty boy pee?

We drove six and a half hours to Washington DC, staying with friends for the fourth of July. We stopped once to eat and then the kids took a nap. So I'm about an half hour away from our friends house when Audric wakes up. He's got to go pee really, really bad. Of course he has to wake up while we are in traffic going five to ten miles per hour, with construction so there's no shoulder and no exits because we're about to go over a bridge. I give him two options. pee in a diaper or pee in a cup. He was not having the diaper so with him whining the whole time because he has to go pee so bad, I had him unbuckle his belt, I had to pull down his shorts and hold the cup all while driving. I thought for sure the cup was going to over flow it was so heavy. OK we did it, now to get Audric dressed and back in his seat. I had to pull up his shorts (why did I put him in these tighter shorts that day) snap them, and have him climb in his seat. Audric is a lazy boy. He always says he can't do something before he trys. And this is exactly what he said when I told him to buckle his belt. So still driving I some how (after three or four trys) get him in safe. What a relief.
Of course on the way back home he had to pee on himself in the public bathroom because he didn't tuck himself while sitting down to pee. That was an easy fix, but still, really?
*the cup in the picture was the same kind of cup but not the one he peed in.


  1. What I want to know is: how many times did you nearly wreck in all of this?

  2. If you were truly going 5-10 with possible braking driving was probably easier than the pulling down of pants and holding of cup and the rebuckling of straps! I love your crazy adventures and am glad you had a good 4th! I also have a boy that claims he cannot do things even without trying...very frustrating indeed!