Thursday, May 6, 2010


Easter is self explanatory, really. However, we did have a disappointing Air Force Easter egg hunt. We got to the park and the hunt was over. Okay I thought we would just play games like last year. No games and everyone was standing in line. They didn't fill the eggs and people had to exchange their eggs for candy. Then they did a second hunt for the older kids. I saw them throwing the eggs on the grass in front of the kids. Everyone said the hunt lasted a half a second and much kids didn't get anything. Lame! Last year was much better.I'm glad we went to Audric's school party because it was a blast and all the eggs were filled with small toys not candy. As you can see from the pictures they got enough candy from all the eggs they found. We did realize every time we did an egg hunt we kept the eggs from last year so we had 160 I think. It was funny Julie would not pick up the hard boil eggs because they were wet. Julie also fit into the same dress she wore last year, bonus!

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