Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Surprise baseball game

The Saturday before Mother's day we had a friend give us three tickets to an isotopes baseball game because one of his boys were sick and couldn't go. It was last minute and we hadn't eaten yet but nothing McDonald's couldn't fix. We got to parking and the guy looks at us and lets us go in without paying $5 for parking. Then on our way walking to the game a lady stop on the road yelling "hey you're a mom, do you need a ticket"? Why yes I did and now we didn't have to buy one more to get in. We had great seats and could afford to buy snacks because it only cost gas to get there. We had such a great time. This was the kids first time at a ball game. Audric loved hearing about the rules and Julie always clapped when the crowd did. They both did a ton of dancing to the music. At the end of the game they did fireworks. They did such a good job that we clapped three times thinking it was the end. The isotopes won by one point. It was a closes game the whole way through. Fun times!

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