Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's day

Audric's class had a mother's day celebration. They had scones, strawberries and lemon curds that the kids had made. Audric made me a canvas painting with his picture on it, handmade wrapping paper, a flower and a letter about why I'm so important to him.

I got a surprise box of Shari's berries from Tim's mom for mother's day that I had to share because they were so big and so many. Yummy!

On mother's day I woke to the smell of cinnamon french toast and bacon. Tim even got me a Starbucks coffee and a big bowl of fresh fruit. They made me a card the listed all the things they love about me. Most were very sweet however most of Julie's were about herself like "I love when mom buys me dresses" and "I love if mom gives me another birthday party/ more candy". Audric's were more like "I love when she's happy" and "I love when she gives me kisses and hugs". All were cute and touched my heart.

We went to the pool and had hot dogs for lunch. Tim made steak, mashed potatoes and fresh green beans for dinner. It was so weird not cooking meals. I felt so spoiled. Lucky me!

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