Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Science fair projects

Audric was busy for a couple weeks after getting back from California. At school he had a project to teach his class something, anything. Audric decided on teaching his class how to make a paper airplane. Of course he didn't know how to make one himself. So every night he made a plane with Tim or myself and acted like he was teaching us. The science fair was coming up too and Audric wanted to do " how to make paper". If you have ever made paper it's a mess and you need to make screens and other stuff that we don't have here. Being the good mom that I am I went to the library to look for books on how to make paper. While there I found a book on different paper airplanes and thought Audric would like it. Then I found a section on science fair projects. Looking through them I found one on testing the difference between two different flying toys, freebie and something else. Then I got a great idea. Audric is already making paper airplanes why not use them for his science project. So we came up with "Paper Flight". Audric did a great job with all the test flights and learning about how airplanes fly and what can effect them. Plus if he really is going to fly and make planes when he is older, like he says he is, then this is a great start. In class he did a wonderful job teaching his classmates how to make a paper airplane. He says he had to help most of the kids fold the paper. For his class science project they did volcanoes. Not my idea of a very creative project (I know, I'm a science fair snob, what can I say, I always won 1st place) but it looked like they had a lot of fun doing it. All the kids had to go in front of the judges and talk about their projects and answer questions. Everyone that did a project got participation ribbons. Audric's was huge because he did one by himself. When I came to pick him up at school all the kids were telling me he got 1st place. I was so happy that he felt so proud of his ribbon that I was holding back tears. He worked so hard and deserved to feel good about it.


  1. That's wonderful Audric!! You are so smart and brave to get up in front of your class and teach them how to make paper airplanes.

    GREAT JOB!!!

  2. That is very very cool! What a great idea and experience. Congrats!