Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I like this pic because Bison and Audric look so much alike. Eyes, nose, lips, chin. The only difference is size hair and complexion. Funny because everyone says Bison looks like his dad, but I think he looks like Becka.

St Patrick's day.

Everyone loves Uncle Joey!

Yes Audric's finger is going through his ear

Gramma's 80th birthday. The whole Wilson family surprised her for dinner.

Poppy loves giving love!

(Julie and Luke)

Cami and Jack fighting over the kangaroo rat.

I know Audric needs a dog. He had so much fun playing with and loving on My parent's dogs. Maybe once Julie is in school full time.

It's always fun to go back home. The timing wasn't the best. We had to go during spring break so Audric wouldn't miss any school. Why Albuquerque's spring break was in the middle of March I don't know. The only good thing about it was flights were fair priced. Sacramento was wet and rainy pretty much the whole time I was there. That didn't stop us from having fun. My goals while there were #1 to see and visit with family, #2 see some friends, #3 buy cloths at the second hand shops (look for an up coming blog about that). Becka and I were together most of the time. She was my shopping partner, telling me what to and not to buy. All the kids had so much fun playing together. It's so nice that there are so many cousins that are Audric and Julie's age. They are so lucky. We did get to take a day trip to Winters, CA and see my Best childhood friend Katie and her family. The kids loved seeing the baby goats. They were only a week old and a couple days old. See the goats always makes me want one. Katie always has the nicest goats. We also did a little Easter party since my plan was to come out for Easter during spring break. Becka and I made the kids Easter baskets out of Tee shirts. The kids had so much fun they hid and hid the eggs over and over again. I was glad to come home. I'm not a big fan of sharing a bed with the kids for a week and we did missed Tim. I probably won't see most of my family again until we get back from the England.

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