Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It's hard to see but this is a huge cannon.

La Luz trail. I can't believe there is a running race that happens up this trail once a year.

Snack break

Tim had a day off and we decided to go on a hike with Julianna. We thought it would be easier with just one kid but Julie likes to difficult. She would cry if she had to be carried in the backpack, walk a bit and then would cry wanting to be carried but not in the backpack. Tim and I had such a drive to hike about ten miles to the tram and ride it down. We made it 2.7 miles and decided to turn back because of our hungry tummies and that we forgot about the five mile hike we would have to make to the car once we got off the tram. Don't think of us as quitters, it was all up hill and I swear the mileage was added up by air distance and not ground distance. We had fun and the whole way back we thought about eating at Weck's. Yum yum

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