Monday, July 12, 2010

Visit to AR

We took a little trip to Little Rock to visit Tim while he had training. We flew there with little trouble. Audric still gets a little scared when we take off and this time he had to sit by himself across the isle. I was pretty good at bringing what they needed on the plane so they were happy most of the time. Julie had been having trouble with BMs so I had to change three bad diapers on the plane. I got yelled at twice for getting out of my seat when I shouldn't have. What do they expect me to do. I wanted to yell at them "Then you take care of my screaming kid"! It all worked out and we got there safe. We got to visit with friends that we knew at Pope. We went bowling, "watched" a fishing Derby(Audric caught his first fish, a blue gill), went to the pool, made daily trips to the library, and got kicked out of TLF because they were full and needed our room. It worked out because other friends came back in town and we stayed at their house for one night. Lets just say we had enough to drink that night and the guy decided to take out the golf clubs and practice their swings and hit balls to the field across the street. It wouldn't have been a problem but Tim needed more sober practicing because his ball went about fifty feet off course to our back wind shield. It was decided that since we had a 9 hour drive ahead of us the next morning the window should be taped...with blue painters tape. The guys put a big FML (Fuck My Life) on the windshield. Luckily we made it safely to Tim Grand parents house and had it fixed the next morning. I can only guess what people thought of our car as we were driving.

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