Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New couch

Tim and I have been going back and forth wondering if we should get a different couch for a long time. Our green microfiber one fit our style and was comfy but because of the lounge on the side only two would sit on it when we had guests over. Plus we weren't sure because of the shape if it would fit in all houses we would live in in the future. One day I was cleaning under the cushions and the kids wanted to make a fort with them like they always do. I left it up to them to make it and started working on another project. I came back to find them jumping off the couch and on to the cushions. Okay I did the mom thing and let them build a fort again. By the time Tim came home they were jumping o the couch without the cushions again. This time Tim found a spring that popped out of the side of the couch. My heart sank. There goes my chance to sell the couch and get a new one, fate has decided for me (fate being my kids). But a light shown through the dark clouds and Tim was able to hammer the spring back in and only a tiny, unseeable (I know it's not a word) hole was left. That next morning without asking Tim I put the couch and popasan on Craig's list. I was surprised at how many people wanted my furniture for $300. I couldn't get a hold of Tim at work so I waited to respond to any of the emails until he came home. By dinner we had people coming over to check it out. They wanted it! They didn't even want to test it out, they were so excited to have it and they wanted to pick it up the next day. Oh yeah... what will we sit on? I made a decision to go couch shopping after dinner even if it was too late for the kids. The first place we went to was had some nice selection but every one we were interested in would take 6-8 weeks to get. My heart sunk again. We had a party coming up in a week. Not to worry There was another place to go and I knew I had seen something in there before that I liked that was on sale. Now remember for later in the story I was planning on spending $800, $1000 at most. We walk in to the next place and we both see a leather couch, love seat and chair to the right. I think we were both surprised at how much we loved it. We had never really thought about leather before. We kept it in mind as we walked up and down and through the huge furniture store. Damn! the couch I wanted was gone, there goes my fail safe. The kids had gotten a little whiny so as Tim entertained them on the vibrating chairs I finished looking around When I made it back to the front I found that Tim and the kids were back at the leather couch. The Sales Lady had asked him if he wanted her to check what was in stock and which pieces, he said "check them all." There goes any room to bargain. We finished looking at all the couches and still love the leather. But how was I going to convince Tim was couldn't get it all. You would think the price would scare him away but his eyes were in the back of his head, with his body sprawled out on the chair, and his feet on the ottoman. He knew I would love to have a love seat and couch. I knew he would love to have a chair and couch. We didn't have enough room for it all. The compromise, the ottoman. We ordered the couch, love seat and ottoman. And the best part was they could have the couch and ottoman to the house in two days.

We are still waiting for the love seat to come in. We are enjoying the couch and ottoman very much. Funny as I look at this picture, it looks like our old couch just this time we can move the ottoman.


  1. Super jealous. Our couch is getting really beat up, too. I keep telling John that when the kids quit destroying things here in a few years, I'm replacing all our furniture! ;)

  2. I love it, I love leather and I think you will all enjoy it for many years to come!