Monday, July 12, 2010


Timing was on our side and we got to drive to Kentucky and visit with Tim's grandparents while his Parents were also visiting. I loved just hanging out at their house looking at old pictures and talking. The kids loved catching fireflies and playing with all the old toys they had and Tim besides visiting, loved that it wasn't as hot as Little Rock, AR and that he was done with his instructor training. On our continued trip we stopped at the Museum of Appalachia. I have never been to such an interesting museum before, and I love museums. Walking around you got to get a feel as what it was like to live in a log cabin back in the day. When looking for a hotel to sleep in that night we wanted a suite with two rooms but could only find one with a pull out couch for the kids. It did come with a large tub that the kids swam in before bed.
That Night...
I didn't have a very good night. We went to a very nice grill that had amazing food. Not even half way through with my meal my stomach starts turning. I knew what was coming, I had had BBQ pork the night before and it must have had chili powder in it. I was stuck in the bathroom on the toilet while everyone else finished their food. The thoughts going through my head were "I'd rather be having a baby right now than going through this"and "I hope this doesn't make me have to throw-up because how would I do it in a bathroom stall when I need to be on the toilet". Needless to say I made it out and my food was boxed up for me. I was looking forward to getting to the room to relax and eat my food. We made it to the curb and realized Tim put my food on the top of the car and drove. I made him turn around to see if any of it was salvageable. It was all over the parking lot. I could have saved some of it but Tim wouldn't let me. We made our way up to our room with arms full of bags and kids. I know it wasn't done on purpose but before I made it into the room the door slammed shut on me and I was stuck, hungry, aching and tired on the other side of the door. I don't know how I didn't brake down and cry. I could hear Tim trying to get Audric to open the door while he unloaded his arms. It had been such a wonderful day only two hours before. At least it wouldn't get any worst. Tim made it up to me and went to the store for food and came back ready to rub my shoulders and back. He even gave the kids their bath.
This last picture is after we got home I had to clean out Fiz's fish tank so I put him in a wine glass. Tim had open this bottle of wine and poured himself a glass, later that night he was about to drink the fish because he thought for a second it was his glass.

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