Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh how my Garden grows!

Last year we had a vegetable garden for the first time. It worked out so well we did it again this year. Plus we did most of it from seed. A great person gave the PSA ( Pope Spouses Association) a ton of seeds, I mean three black bags full, for our "Go Green" social back in March. I was really scared doing a garden with seeds but besides the headaches with the squirrels it was really easy. We (I really should say I but Tim did entertain the kids and the kids did help with the seeds before they loss interest) planted Carrots, lettuce, purple beans, snow peas, tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, basil and corn from seed. The black berries, raspberries, squash, chives and peppers were all from the store or there from the year before. We are already enjoying the fruits of our labor. Audric loves to eat the beans, peas and lettuce. Julie, however, enjoys chewing the vegetables up into a pulp and then spitting them out when she's done. Here I'm eating a purple bush bean. It tastes just like a green bean but it's purple. I really enjoy growing things. Now if I can only get my grass to grow.


  1. We have already harvested 7 squash and 5 cucumbers from our garden. I can't wait until the peppers and tomatoes come in. I love having a vegetable garden!

  2. I am a garden nut too...and we are actually growing some peanuts planted by our helpful squirrel friends! Love the look, pearls and purple beans!

  3. How nice to have the room to do that! I have a black thumb, though, so I'll stick to the farmer's market. :D