Friday, June 26, 2009

Monster or Little Girl?

I have always called Julianna my "little Monster", but now I'm going to let you decided if it's just a cute nickname or if she truly a Monster.

  • She likes to hug and feed her baby dolls.
  • In a fit of rage she throws her baby dolls a crossed the room and screams.
  • She lets me brush, braid, and put her hair in pig-tails.
  • When she doesn't get what she wants she pulls my hair out in chucks.
  • She lovingly hold my face and smiles.
  • She slaps my face repetitively when she's mad.
  • Julie loves her brother and shares her toys
  • Julie will scream bloody murder if Audric even looks at her toys.
  • When she wakes up in the morning she comes quietly in my bed and snuggles.
  • When she wakes up in the morning she colors on my white chair, pulls off her diaper filled with poop and puts it on the floor, eats and spits out nine large jelly beans all over the house...
  • Julie has always been a good eater.
  • She also likes to stick food up her nose.
  • She listens and follows me out the door when asked.
  • She throws herself to the ground, legs flailing, when she doesn't want to go some where.
  • Julie gives Audric loving pats on the back from time to time.
  • Other times she slaps him while laying on top of him.

I'm sure I could go on and on about Julie's spilt personality. But the important part is that I'm so happy and in love with her when she's being a Good Girl that I can handle her being a monster every now and again.

*All these thing come from true events. However horrible they may be, they don't happen all the time.


  1. She will always be my cute little girl! Though every once in awhile its fun to see the monster since I am not the monsters mommy. You are right about the split personality. Thats pretty funny!!!

  2. Sarah,
    That's a funny story about Julie. And I love the two photos you included. I read your blog all the time and just love it. Keep up the great work! The photos off to the side are really good too.
    Love you all,
    Grandma Stearman