Monday, June 1, 2009

Now or Never

I don't think there has been a better time for me to start a Blog. In the last couple days we have gone through a lot.
Tim deployed to Germany Thursday morning and arrive there on Saturday. He flies his first mission tomorrow to Africa. He's doing great.

We have kept pretty busy with lunches, a Birthday party, dinner with friends, Bunko with the Pope Spouses' Association, a trip to the ER, a Doctor's appointment and yard work.

Yes the ER! This is Audric's second time to the ER in the last two months. April 3rd Audric busted his mouth on a playground and knocked his front tooth up into his gums. It's doing good now. He can eat fine on it and it's coming out at a good rate. This time Audric was climbing off the chair on his tummy head first and jammed a paint brush he had in his mouth into his soft pallet about an inch deep. It was pushed in there with such force that the handle broke in half with a snap. I halfway thought about leaving it in so we would be seen quicker at the ER. Poor Audric was gagging and crying too much, so I did as any good mother would do and pulled it out. We went to the ER and left Julie with good friends. It took 4 hours to get into a room and another 1 1/2 before I left at 2am with a prescription for antibiotics.

I was much more prepared for this trip to the ER. I brought pain meds and shoes for Audric, but forgot entertainment (book, crocheting, DS...). I guess I thought for sure he would be seen before the countless people who really didn't even need to be seen by a Dr. That's the ER for ya.

If that wasn't enough, I notice this morning Audric's eye was still red (it was red from crying last night). So after sleeping until 8am we headed off to the pharmacy and the kids Pediatrician. It turns out Audric and Julie have pink eye. The Kids did really good for me. Julie only freaked out once while getting her into the car seat. All in all it worked out better then I could have plan for for such a disaster. We were home in time for lunch.

This is Video I was recording Audric spelling his name right before the mishap. Notice the paint brush and the mismatched PJs.


  1. Holy smoke! This is destined to be a great deployment! Keep smiling and don't forget to give him his antibiotics at some ungodly hour tonight :)

  2. Yeah!!! I am so glad you are doing this. Hopefully you will keep it updated so I can keep up with the Stearmans.

  3. I don't want to have to get you a "frequent shopper" card for the ER! I am sorry to hear about the injury and wish everyone well with the pink eye! Perhaps I won't see you at the Thrift Shop tomorrow since the kids probably can't go to the CDC.
    Love the video.
    Hang in there!
    Thanks for Sharing.

  4. Audric is going to grow up to be one tough guy! Hope he's feeling better. Tell Tim his sis misses him and wishes him the best!

  5. Ow! Why does that stuff always happen when Dad's not around? Aidan busted his head open last fall while John was gone, and we got to ride in an ambulance. Hooray!

  6. Seems like you have your hands full girl! I look forward to reading your blog and seeing what you guys are up to! Do you still have our blog address?

  7. Audric is so smart. Spelling at age 3... woa.
    Julianna is a mega cutie too!
    And, what a busy mom you have been! Sorry to hear about the paintbrush fall. How scary for you and he. What doesnt kill you- makes you stringer, right? He's a tough kid!
    Thanks for posting the blog. So glad I can keep up with you guys.

  8. Thanks for doing this Sarah. I check it once a day for all the latest on you, Tim and our gorgeous grandkids! You all look so beautiful and we love you all so much. It appears Audric is prone to bad falls like his father was. I guess the nut falls not far from the tree, eh? Take care. Hugs and kisses.
    Grandma & Grandpa Stearman