Sunday, November 20, 2011

Toby's in Town

Toby is our "elf on the shelf" that comes to visit every December and hops a ride back with Santa to the north pole on Christmas. This year Toby came early and with a gift from Santa. We didn't bring our TV with us because it wouldn't work here. Santa felt so bad for us and we have been so good this year; thus far. 

We love our new 42"LED. I don't really like how everything looks so sharp because I want it to feel like a movie and not like I'm in a room with the actors. I'm not complaining, just saying.  

The kids love having Toby here. Every night he goes to the north pole and tells Santa if the kids are good or bad and flies back by morning in a different hiding spot. The kids love to find him and talk to him mostly about how bad their brother and sister are being. We thought it was a good idea for Toby to come early because the kids were getting a little out of control and we use him ask a threat. Plus it was a way to explain the TV. Sometimes Toby forgets to go to the North pole but Audric always says he just liked the same spot.


  1. Love this idea and cannot wait to use it on our kiddo!

  2. Toby will keep the kids in line....sure! Love that he brought you guys a tv (I agree about the sharpness comment) Have a very Happy Christmas! (they said that is Ireland instead of Merry, I am assuming they do the same in England, but I could be wrong!