Sunday, November 13, 2011

Poor Julianna

Poor Julianna woke up with severe abdomen pains Monday morning.  She never had pains like these. The only time she would not be in pain is when she would cry herself to sleep.  I needed to get Audric ready for school and thank goodness I have a wonderful friend that took Audric to school because she was in so much pain I couldn't even push her in the stroller like I planned.
I took her to the ER.  Of course, Julie being Julie tells me she's fine when we get there.  I don't really believe her but not waiting to sit and wait to be seen if nothing is wrong I have her walk it out until she is in the same pain again.  Julianna is one stubburn child.  I can tell she is in pain but she tells the Doc she is fine.  It wasn't until he touches her stomach that you could really see the pain in her face.  They wanted a urine sample because of her history of UTIs.  She hadn't gone pee yet that morning but she just cannot go.  I think we tried fifteen different times for her to go in the cup.  They had an x-ray taken of her tummy.  Next was an IV and blood work.  I must say Julie is very brave; She did great through all this.  Still she could not pee.  The x-rays showed that she was completely full of shit.  Two large balls of pooh blocked everything all the way up through her large intestine.  We were afraid that all this pooh was blocking her urethra and causing her not to be able to pee.  Next came the enema.  It takes her another couple of trips to the bathroom and she gets two large boulder out of her bum; sadly to say not without a mess on the floor and my arm.  Still no pee. 

 Julie doesn't want a catheter but she can't get it out and she has at this point had two large amounts of fluid pumped into her.  I'm strong and can handle seeing my kids in pain if it means their health or safety.  This was painful for both Julie and me.  The nurses tried two times to get a catheter in Julie. And each time it took about five to ten minutes. Finally they got the smallest tube and got it in with much screaming from my daughter.  Only drops came out.  It was enough and they took it to the lab. Minutes later Julie tells me she needs to go to the toilet. I'm exhausted, and tired of going into the hospital bathroom that is outside the ER across a hallway next to the pharmacy.  I ask her to just go in her diaper.  She filled that thing up, I thought it was going to leak everywhere; She felt much better after that.  Plus, Tim had gotten off work early and come to see her and pick up Audric. Julie is such a daddy's girl.  She knows nothing bad happens to her when he's around.  I was glad to see him too because it was 2pm and I was dying to eat something.  Julie fell asleep with the comfort of Tim being around.  By now they had added a heart rate monitor and blood pressure cuff.  She had developed a fever while sleeping.  It was my job to give her meds orally.  That girl can try and talk her way out of meds like no other. It was nice being in the hospital and saying if she doesn't take it then she will get a shot. It still took an hour for her to drink it. 

The big concern was that she had appendicitis. She was still in pain and wouldn't let people touch her tummy.  She did have a UTI but that could be there because of an inflamed appendix.  They waited and waited to decide whether or not to give her antibiotic.  It was in the end given to her with some sent home with us. We have now had a week of cleaning out Julie's bowels. I think we are just about done. We fed her corn tonight and will wait and see if it comes out tomorrow. She is the most stubburn when she needs to take her meds. We try not to get mad but she  is so difficult.  I want to apologize to my mom and dad because I am told she gets her stubburnness from me. I'm sorry whenever you had to deal with me like this.

What a week!

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog! Even better, being in England will give you tons to write about. You have yourself a new follower.

    Poor Julie. :-( I'm glad she's feeling better, though!

    I passed Audric's request for a Star Wars buddy along to Brendan. Maybe they can sit and watch it together once we finally get settled.