Sunday, September 11, 2011

Warwick Castle

Audric and Julianna won tickets to Castle Warwick from the summer reading program here on the base for the most hours read. I must say living in a hotel for a month or more and spending half our summer days in the library had nothing to do with the win.

We had a blast. This was our first castle visit since moving here. Of course this one is almost like a theme park with it's shows and displays, but I liked it. The kids got freaked out by the wax figures they had. It showed how life would be living in the castle. I would rather be a servant then an owner in this place. I'm sure we will be going to it again once people come to visit.

We went to McDonald's on our way home. I told the kids they don't have them when we got to England so they thought it was a restaurant that just looked like it. In fact it never did say McDonald's anywhere except in small print inside a bag. The best part was they gave the kids balloons and had real flowers as decor. I liked that I could get a spicy vegi burger, yum.

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