Sunday, September 11, 2011

Third first day of school

Audric has now had three first days of kindergarten. He started kindergarten a year early last year at First Impression Academy Fayetteville, NC, then we moved and he started mid year in kindergarten at Manzano Day school in Albuquerque, NM and now he started at Fordham primary school, England year one, which is the same as kindergarten. He was nervous but fine by the time I left him. Julie was upset, she wanted to go with him. He has to wear a uniform to school it's very cute. He says he had a good day and can't wait to go tomorrow.

He almost had four first days because on the Wednesday before he started I hadn't heard anything from the local school and the one day of home schooling told me it wasn't going to work until Xmas when I thought he would be able to get in. So I decided to put him in at the American school in Feltwell. We did the tour, signed all the paper work, and was going to have him go the next day. That is until I got home and found an email from the Fordham school saying he got in. I felt so bad wasting the other school's time doing all that paper work. They understood being military themselves. Funny how thing just work out some times.

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