Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New house

This our new house in Fordham in Cambridgeshire. We love the little village and every neighbor we have met is really nice and friendly. This picture is of the kids when they both picked out what to wear on their own and it just happened to be patriotic. I had to take a picture of them in front of our British house.

This is the first, of many I'm sure, purchase we made here in England. The British hate antiques and their idea of an antique is something at least one hundred years old. We got these pub doors to go in our dinning room where we will put a bar/pub when we find the right one.

This is the fridge the house came with. It is a mini fridge and was too small for all that we eat daily. The Air force loans fridges and washers and dryer so we got one of them and now this one is used for drinks. No room...

Lots of room. Our American fridge.

Back yard. Two sheads thank goodness.

Back of house

More Back yard. We get a great view of it from the kitchen and living room windows.

Front of house. We have room for four cars to park which is rare.

Kitchen. There's room to put a small table in here too but our table is not small so we had to make the down stairs master bedroom into a dinning room and pub.

Upstairs, closet on right, bathroom on left, guest bedroom in front, master bedroom behind and room for desk and craft area in the middle.

Playroom/ guest room

Front door that we never use

Living room. It is about twice as big as it looks in the picture

Once we get all the boxes gone and thing put away I'll send more pictures of the house.

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