Thursday, August 25, 2011


We did a little day trip to Cambridge. Fun place to visit but too busy for me to want to live in. I like our little village. We parked and walked around. They had a market that day so it was fun to see all the things for sale. They had a mall and we were surprised to see some familiar stores like Build a Bear and Gap. We climbed up a tall tower in St. Mary's. It gave us a good view into King's College. I must brag a little about how good our kids were. They were great the whole time. They didn't whine, cry or complain once and we walked all day.

If you look closely you can see a bee over Julie's hands. She knows not to move when a bee is around. I can't remember if I wrote before that she is allergic to bee and ants.

Climbing up St. Mary's tower

St. Mary's tower

On top of St. Mary's tower

King's College

Julie wanted her picture taken in front of this building

Small crowed streets

Little "river" in Cambridge

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