Friday, February 25, 2011

Friends we met in NM

Sierra and Nick Willis were our first friends in New Mexico. Tim meet Nick in the apartment gym. If I remember correctly Nick was critiquing Tim's running style and they were comparing injuries. By the end of Tim's workout he found out that Nick was an Olympic medalist in the 1500m. You may or may not know that Tim and I don't like watching sports but we love the Olympics. The first thing Tim did was Google Nick when he got home. It was very exciting. Nick and Tim started working out together. For some reason Nick only had my phone number, so every time he would call I would pass over the phone to Tim and say "it's your boyfriend". It was fun to tease Tim because he would go on and on about how great his workouts would be and how much he would learn from Nick.

It took awhile but I finally got to meet Sierra and Nick after bumping into them during a walk. Sierra and I did a free yoga class together. It was the slowest yoga class ever. Sierra and I agreed that it should be called geriatric yoga. We got to go skiing in Santa Fe together which was really fun and a nice break from home.

Audric was a big fan of Nick because he loved Star Wars too. They would talk in detail forever about it if we let them.

Sierra and Nick were only in New Mexico for six weeks for altitude training. They are very real, down to earth people so we got along well. We were sad to see are only friends in NM leaving. The picture is the only one I had of them. They were so funny cute about getting Henna done.

Nick's story is pretty interesting (google him). They are in New Zealand right now with a big race planned where they are going to present him with his silver medal. Tim and I hope that he will continue to do great with his races so we can see him and Sierra during England's Olympics.

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