Friday, October 28, 2011

Family at Brugge, Belgium

Here we are on the ferry with the whiter cliffs of Dover in the background.
These pictures are from our bedroom window of the B&B we stayed at

Walking around town

There were many window displays of Chocolate but this is the one that Audric wanted to look at the longest

We did the horse carriage ride. It was mine and the kids first time. I had fun scooping out places to shop.

Why so many pictures of us eating? For some reason we never had lunch while in Brugge. It always got left out. So when it was dinner time we were always starving. We didn't want to wait for real food so our first night we went to a donner kabob. I'm not sure if it was because we were so hungry but it was so good we just about finished it all.

I was told later that you go to Brugge for the Chocolate, beer and food. We did go out to a nice resturant the next night but I guess we went to the wrong place but we liked the donner kabob the best

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